Value Proposition Strategist

With 18+ years of experience in marketing, I am an entrepreneur and seasoned marketer who has worked across various industries. My marketing journey began in 2005, and I have since held several positions, including Head of Product Marketing in the IT/Telecom sector, Strategic Planner at an Ogilvy-affiliated marketing agency, and Marketing Manager in the aviation industry.

In 2011, I took the leap and founded my first business, a marketing agency offering a wide range of services. In 2019, I decided to shift my agency’s focus to concentrate on creating value propositions for clients’ products. This transition led to the development of the Value Proposition Toolkit, a practical framework that has been successfully applied to numerous projects for both clients and my own products.

Currently, my primary objective is enhancing the Value Proposition Toolkit. As a marketer, my expertise is in formulating value propositions that accurately convey a product’s benefits and appeal to the target audience. I am dedicated to assisting businesses in clearly communicating their unique offerings and establishing meaningful connections with customers.